Employee Benefits



(SUMMIT, INC., TPA) offers medical, dental, prescription medicine, and vision. Employee only premium is paid 100% by the employer. Employees can select from Employee with Spouse, Employee with Child(ren), and Employee with Spouse & Child(ren).

SPS Benefits Brochure 2021 is available online now.

Health/Dental/Vision/Prescription Drug

Employee Contribution

Employee Only                  $0.00

Employee/Spouse           $92.22

Employee/Child(ren)       $110.67

Employee/Family            $208.83

Summit, Inc. will process any service received (including office visits or hospitalizations) effective August 1, 2010. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona is the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). First Health and the PHX networks are the PPO for services provided for all states outside of Arizona (see helpful links). To find a preferred provider access the website (see helpful link). Partners Rx is the Prescription Benefit Manager (PBM) for the plan.

Summit, Inc.                  
Call: (888) 690-2020
Fax: (480) 505-0407
P.O. Box 25160
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255-0102

Arizona Blue Cross Blue Shield


Megellan Rx
Call: (800) 711-4550


(Prudential Life Insurance, TPA) offers employees life insurance at a minimum coverage is $30,000, the amount varies based on the employee's salary. Dependent life insurance option is available to employees at minimal cost for coverage of $5,000 per eligible dependent.

The SPS Employee 401k PENSION PLAN benefit packet is available after regular employment. SPS, employer, will match up to 5% if you put in 5%. The school will contribute 2% to all eligible employees even if the employee decides not to contribute. The employee will be 100% vested after two years of service, or 1,000 work hours in a plan year. The plan year is July 1 to June 30. This salary deferral is deducted before taxes. No federal or state tax will be applied to this deduction, while employed at SPS. Employee will receive a statement every three (3) months. Register to the John Hancock website (see helpful link) to gain access to your portfolio, personal investment information or any changes to your retirement and investment plans. Contact Greg to get help with Rolling Over or to Withdraw a retirement plan, or regarding Loans.

Greg Zale
4116 E. Claxton Ave, Gilbert, AZ 85297
 Toll Free (877) 909-7526
 PH: (480) 325-6286
FX (480) 718-8887

For more information regarding health benefits contact:


Mr. Elroy Watson
Cell: (928)206-9042


An Industrial Injury must be reported to the employee's supervisor. Instructions can be provided by the Human Resources Office and to obtain care at Canyonlands Clinic in Page, AZ. Tribal First, TPA, processes all claims and will respond to any questions pertaining to your work injury and medical care. The Tribal First website provides information and forms for submitting provider bills, toll free telephone no. (800)552-8921, Fax (858)277-4519.

All completed forms are to be returned to the SPS Plan Administrator in the Central Building

F. Stevens
Phone:(928) 672-3512

Cell Phone: (928) 401-9696
Fax:(928) 672-3501